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  • Current Newsletter:  
          September 2023     

    In 2023, our Polar Star Lodge
    meeting programs will be devoted to
    the courageous Norwegan women
    who made an impact in the lives of
    our  members.
  • Culture Programs and Medals

             See Activities and Culture

Contact Cultural Director Barb Johnson for additional information and details about the various Sons of Norway culture medals.


  • Sports Medal Program   

    Several Polar Star-specific walking challenges will be offered in 2023. Contact Sports Director Jerri Lynn Baker for additional information about the Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program.   


  • National Sons of Norway Book Club

Refer to the January 2023 Polar Star Newsletter or contact Cultural Director Barb Johnson for information and details.


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Polar Star members as of
March 2022

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Current Events:     

October 1, 2023 - Sunday - 10:15 am   
- Church service at St. Olaf Lutheran Church, celebrating their 135th anniversary. Wear your most festive Norwegian sweater or bunad.  
- Polar Star's Norwegian Choir will be singing at the service. Come early at 8:30 for rehearsal.

- Immediately after the service, an anniversary "coffee" reception will be held in the Fellowship Hall. In honor of the event, please bring a Norwegian dessert to share.

October 8, 2023 - Sunday    
- Join the Slooper Association at their annual meeting in the Norway, Illinois Community Center.
- The meeting will be followed by a dinner hosted by the Norsk Museum.   

November 5, 2023 - Sunday - Noon to 3:30 pm
- Program: Annual Norsk Høstfest - Fall Festival
- Kitchen Hosts:  All Polar Star members (arrive at 11:30)
- Taste Traditional Norwegian Food; shop for Scandinavian gifts and jewelry.
- Lefse and Krumkake demonstrations; Norwegian Craft demonstrations: rosemaling, Kolrosing, Jewelry, and knitting.  
- Kitchen Hosts:  all Polar Star Lodge members    

 Additional Meetings and Events 


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