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November 2023 News:

  • Current Newsletter:  
           November 2023     

    In 2023, our Polar Star Lodge
    meeting programs will be devoted to
    the courageous Norwegan women
    who made an impact in the lives of
    our  members.
  • Culture Programs and Medals

             See Activities and Culture

Contact Cultural Director Barb Johnson for additional information and details about the various Sons of Norway culture medals.


  • Sports Medal Program   

    Several Polar Star-specific walking challenges will be offered in 2023. Contact Sports Director Jerri Lynn Baker for additional information about the Sons of Norway Sports Medal Program.   


  • National Sons of Norway Book Club

Refer to the January 2023 Polar Star Newsletter or contact Cultural Director Barb Johnson for information and details.


  • Polar Star on Facebook:
    Find the "Group" Polar Star Lodge.



Polar Star members as of
March 2022

  • 66    

Current Events:    

December 3, 2023 - Sunday   
- Program: Annual Family Juletrefest Celebration and Smakaker (cookie) Bake-off
- 1:00 Tree Trimming, Christmas card making, and cookie decorating. 
- 1:30 Pot Luck Luncheon and gift exchange.
 - Polar Star Monthly Meeting.- Participate in our 2024 Jólabókaflód ("Christmas Book Flood") by bringing a large candy bar and a book either about Norway or by a Norwegian author.
- See the November 2023 newsletter for all details about our Polar Star Juletrefest.
- Kitchen Hosts:  Polar Star Board  

January 6, 2024 - Friday/Saturday   
- Lefse Making Workshop with Vi Skogen    

January 7, 2024 - Sunday 
- Program:  Polar Star Festival of Norwegian Women   
 1:30 Pot Luck Luncheon.
- Celebration our Norwegian mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and special friends. Bring their pictures, and stories of their history and influence on family,friends and community. Costumes and mementoes are encouraged.
- Polar Star Monthly Meeting 
- Kitchen Hosts: TBD    

February 4, 2024 - Sunday
- Program:  Penny Social Auction; bring your treasures at 1:00 pm for the re-sale at auction after the luncheon! (25 cents per ticket). 
- Polar Star annual Soup Competition. 
- Bring a dish to pass and your own table service.   

- Wear your Norwegian sweater. 
- Please bring non-perishable food items (or donate $) for the St. Olaf Food Pantry. 
- 1:30 Pot Luck Luncheon. 
- Polar Star Monthly Meeting.  
- Kitchen Hosts:  Karen Oswald and TBD.

 Additional Meetings and Events 


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